"In placing several key executives within my organization, Frank was the consummate professional, in a profession of widely divergent capabilities. His insight and advice were invaluable to my decisions, and his engagement in the recruiting process unqualified. I enjoy working with him."
~ JRL, Chairman, International Transportation Contractor

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Search Process

The major differentiator between you and your competition is the talent and motivation of your people, particularly your leaders. Choosing your leaders can be your riskiest, and most rewarding decisions you'll ever make.

Our service is structured to help you minimize your risk in hiring the wrong individual, and maximize the reward. Our process has evolved over 40 years of management recruiting, evaluation, and hiring for construction organizations. It will also result in a higher quality of candidate, a larger selection of candidates for your interview and consideration, a higher probability of success in "closing the deal" with a selected candidate, and the avoidance of counter offers and "no starts."

Your company, your market niche, your recruiting needs are unique. We approach it as such. We conduct one search at a time, with extreme thoroughness and complete dedication and commitment to your unique requirements.


I personally direct and manage each search we undertake. I maintain all contact with our clients. I guide candidates through the interview process, and remain committed until the search is successfully completed. Your search is not delegated to a back room recruiter, with minimal life and construction industry experience, who is working on a dozen other recruiting assignments at the same time.


We are confidential proactive recruiters. We do not obtain candidates from advertizing, the internet, or other resume collection practices. Our specialty is tapping the "hidden talent" pool in your industry - top executives who are not looking for a job, answering advertisements, or networking for a new job. We identify and approach the very best. Our reputation, relationships, and industry network give us access to them. Our history of success and integrity causes them to listen, respond, and if appropriate, to trust us for career guidance.


We have a continual, dynamic, confidential research process designed to identify today's talent, and emerging talent. Our research director utilizes state of the art techniques and tools, unique to our industry. Research to prepare a recruiting plan for a typical search, prior to a contact ever being made, can involve hundreds of research hours, and results in a deep pool of target candidates.


Each potential candidate undergoes interviews with 3 different executives in our firm - generally 12+ hours of thorough examination, conducted by experienced, mature professionals trained in effective interviewing techniques. We thoroughly investigate professional background and experience, personal and family interests, motivation and goals, leadership characteristics and history, leadership style, and references from customers, superiors, and personnel managed. We carefully screen candidates for personality "fit" within our client's organization and culture.


The issue that large search firms try to avoid, but is critical to the successful completion of your search. We are a small firm, with a handful of clients whom we serve very well, and repetitively. Under no circumstance would we ever recruit an employee from a client organization, at any point of time. At most, we are restricted from contacting only a handful of executives. We always discuss these "hands off" candidates with our clients in advance.

One large search firm states on its website that they are "a trusted C Level partner for hundreds of firms." Translated - a minimum of hundreds of potential candidates who are untouchable, and eliminated from a search before the search has even begun. Regardless of how they spin it, do you want to limit the field of potential candidates if you are attempting to attract the industry's best?

Let's have a conversation about your recruiting need. We will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals. We won't accept a search unless we are certain we can successfully complete it.